About Zombs Royale

Join millions of players in the Zombs Royale game and choose from the many available game modes for the most exciting realistic battle times. Players need to strategize wisely and find a way to survive in all cases to win.


In this Zombs Royale game, you are taken to an island with 99 other players on a plane, then you are allowed to parachute anywhere you want. After landing on the map, you search for the best and most powerful weapons. Also keep an eye out for the opponents you'll encounter in your quest for power. You must control the character skillfully, shoot down opponents quickly and take advantage in the arena of hundreds of people.


There are three game modes for players to choose from:

  • Solo mode: you have to be alone against all to be the last one to survive (max 100 people).
  • Duo mode: you are paired with a friend or any online player on the system.
  • Squad Mode: Gather a team of 4 players to prove you're the strongest team alive.


Weapons: there are many familiar weapons such as Scar-Light guns, M416, M16A4, AKM, ... and some shotguns like S1897.

How To Play Zombs Royale?

WASD or arrow keys to move
M or Tab to view the map
E to interact
Left click to shoot
Right click to open emoji list
R to reload

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