ZOMBIE SURVIVAL GUN 3D is a real combination of classic zombie war game that makes players more thrilling and intense. Participating in this game, you will be placed in the shoes of an elite soldier who is skilled in clearing areas invaded by the undead.

A failed experiment leaked a dangerous mutant infection into the earth's atmosphere. Everything is shrouded in darkness when a terrible nightmare strikes! Citizens have been infected with this virus and have turned into zombies! Humanity is in danger. Now the world is facing the zombie phenomenon! This time the scientists could not cope with the impending threat and became monsters. The dreaded contagion is about to spread across the earth. Use the last chance to save humanity from total destruction! Join the great battle to save humanity and find out what's going on!

The progression system in Zombie Survival Gun 3D is very simple, as your only goal is to kill all zombies in the level before time runs out. While Zombie Survival Gun 3D isn't too groundbreaking in the genre, everything it has to offer is of a surprising quality that both shooters and zombie fans will love. This multiplayer game is great for showing off your abilities to all your friends around the world!
The game has both single player and multiplayer mode, Players start with a basic set of weapons but as they progress through the levels they can earn money by killing zombies, this money can be Use to buy new weapons and upgrades. The game features a variety of weapons to choose from, including pistols, shotguns, and even pile guns, to give players plenty of options when it comes to taking down zombies. Choose from an arsenal of crazy combat weapons and fight the undead in terrifying environments across the globe.


Use mouse for aiming
Left click for shooting
Right Click For Scope
Tab For Menu

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