About We Not Survive

We Not Survive is a darkly humorous zombie apocalypse simulation game where players assume the role of a hapless survivor trying to stay alive.

Set in a desolated open world overrun by the infected undead, the goal is to scavenge for supplies, craft weapons/items, and build shelters while avoiding or battling zombies.

Players must monitor their survivor's hunger, thirst, health and other stats to keep them alive as long as possible in this hostile new world. Letting any stat hit zero means death.

Scavenging involves rummaging through abandoned buildings, vehicles and supply crates to find useful objects while stealthily sneaking past zombies.

Crafting allows combining scavenged items to make weapons like knives and axes, as well as tools, clothing and other survival aids.

Resource management is key as the player figures out what to carry versus leave behind due to weight and inventory limits.

Encounters with the walking dead can result in tense stealth sequences or wild melee combat using an assortment of makeshift and farmable weapons.

The game's dark humor and over-the-top gore adds to the sense of surviving against all odds in this bleak zombie wasteland.

We Not Survive pairs this surreal scenario with challenging survival gameplay for a unique zombie survival experience. Skill, luck and careful resource juggling are needed to endure for as long as possible.

How To Play We Not Survive?

Use the left mouse button.

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