About WarCall.io

Welcome to WarCall.io, a great battle royale game where you can experience every emotion in battle and become the most daring attacker. Fight great warriors in an ancient arena and become a legend! Fight like death with your ax and collect gold coins to unlock new characters and gear. In this game, you will participate in the fiercest battle for power.


As soon as you press Play, players will join the battle with millions of other players around the world. The task of each player is to destroy others to gain life and collect loot. Basically, the gameplay of WarCall.io is quite simple, but if players want to live long in each battle, this will be a challenge. The arena will be invaded by deadly thorns, the more time passes, the narrower the battlefield becomes.


In WarCall.io battle, every time you kill a player, you will also get back all the gold they have accumulated.Collect gold to level up and increase your size. If you win, you will get secret rewards, lots of coins and experience points. Accumulate as many experience points as possible to level up.

How To Play WarCall.io?

Mouse cursor - use it to lead your direction

Left mouse button to attack (hold to charge)

Right mouse button to use special attack

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