About Tom Clancy's shootout

Tom Clancy's shootout - are you ready to take part in a formidable shooting game where you will be immersed in? Join us into the most intense training ground! Show off your weapon proficiency by shooting your target with reflexes and precision.

The player's task in this game is to lead an elite commando team. Fight against the terrorists and criminals who have taken power in different parts of the planet. Show off your weapon mastery by shooting at stationary and moving targets with great reflexes and accuracy for great rewards while avoiding hitting innocent civilians.

Sometimes equipment crates will appear, shoot them to get better weapons and gain advantage in the game. Cropped targets will appear in urban surroundings. You can target the body or aim at the head to kill instantly. Shoot down the drones to unlock better guns. Try to hit them before the other players can.

How To Play Tom Clancy's shootout?

Use the mouse to aim
Click to shoot

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