About The Last Survivors

The Last Survivors is a thrilling and post-apocalyptic survival game set in a world ravaged by a deadly virus outbreak. As one of the few survivors left, your goal is to move the father and daughter characters who find each other in the midst of the chaotic world, through the desolate wasteland and open the safe doors beyond. after. With a massive open world map, you can explore abandoned cities, forests and wastelands in search of supplies and weapons while evading dangerous infected creatures.


The Last Survivors also emphasizes the importance of teamwork and cooperative play. Players can choose to form a clan and collaborate with others to increase their chances of survival. Together, you can establish bases, share resources, and defend against rival groups or raiders that threaten your existence. You can play the game on your own by controlling two characters at the same time, or ask a friend for help as they each control one character. Both father and daughter have different abilities that you must use to complete each level. Try to find the unlock buttons so that father and daughter can meet and open a new door.


The game offers 20 different levels, each filled with obstacles ranging from deadly traps to hungry zombies. In each level you will see gears that you can collect. This is an optional objective, but if you collect all 60 gears you will unlock the bonus level. Can you help this duo survive as they make their way through the city? Try to collect all the gears as you progress through this platformer game. Have fun playing The Last Survivors game!

How To Play The Last Survivors?

Game controls for father
Left and right arrows to move
Up arrow to jump
Down arrow to attack


Game controls for daughter
A and D to move
W to jump
S to throw stone

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