About Territorial.io

Get ready to conquer the world in this exciting Territorial.io game. Territorial io is a strategy game where you need to defend your territory while conquering territory and defeating other nations. Play with more than 500 players at the same time. Find a good strategy and become number 1 on the leaderboard.


How to expand your territory in Territorial IO


The best method to expand your colony in Territorial IO is to attack enemy territory and fend off their attacks. However, both of these missions can be quite challenging if you don't know about the mechanics of the game and how things work. One of the most important aspects of the game is the Balance and Percent Bar. Both of these factors play an important role in determining whether your attack/defense will be successful.


The Percentage Bar in IO Territory is a measure of how many units you want to invest for a particular attack. developers and recommend using about 20% of your Balance to conduct attacks. This will ensure that you have a substantial amount of Balance stored for a random invasion.


Best strategies for Territorial IO

Use the single-player mode to practice and improve your skills before entering the multiplayer mode.
Try out the different types of maps the game has to offer. Pick out a map you love to play with.
Try to occupy as much empty land as possible to increase your balance.

How To Play Territorial.io?

Use the left mouse button to play.

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