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Contents of the game Subway Surfers:


In Subway Surfers game, You will play the role of a naughty boy. Destroy the tracks and run away from the guards on the dangerous tracks. Feel the thrill that this game brings. Game with beautiful graphics. There are various features that make the game more interesting and everyone has a unique experience.

Game content: the main character of the game, Jake, painted graffiti on the subway cars with a spray can, but a policeman noticed him, to avoid punishment, your only option is to run away along the railway, for this use amazing skateboards and various amplifiers.
To successfully run away from the policeman, Jake must run as fast as possible and skillfully avoid the obstacles ahead to survive. The main character of the game Subway Surfers can roll or jump by swiping up or down on the screen. He can also turn left or right by swiping left or right on the screen.

The faster pace of the game makes it hard to control, and your body flex and reflexes give you a winning advantage. Finishing the game with a high score allows you to compete on leaderboards with other players, while also customizing with new clothes and gear.


Features of the game Subway Surfers:


Colorful and vivid HD graphics!

Be careful and make sure the police won't catch you.

Run as fast as you can and avoid the train going in the opposite direction.

Challenge and help your friends!

How To Play Subway Surfers?

Left/right arrow - Move left/right

Up arrow - Jump

Down arrow - Roll

Space - Activate hoverboard

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