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Stickman Archer Fight game content.


Stickman Archer Fight is an interesting coordinate shooting style action game. The player's task is to aim and shoot arrows at the enemy accurately before they shoot back and destroy you! Fight with other stickmen and prove you are the best in this Stickman Archer game! Use different bows and arrows, improve your skills and win every duel.
Join the game Stickman Archer Fight you play as a stickman archer and have the task of using a bow and arrow to destroy the enemy before being killed by the enemy. You have to aim accurately and shoot quickly. Because you and the opponent is placed on two opposing front lines and whoever is shot down first will lose. If you win then go to the next level, which is a higher floor and encounters more complex challenges. And if you die, then play again from the beginning. Try to level up as high as possible.


Modes in the game Stickman Archer Fight


This game has three game modes respectively:
Wave Mode: you will shoot at circular targets that appear
Gunner Mode: you will climb the floors in the elevator and destroy the opponent on each target until death.
and Arcade Mode is the hardest game mode. This is where a duel between a demon and an archer takes place.


Rewards in the game Stickman Archer Fight .


Every time you kill an opponent, you will receive a certain amount of money. If you can make headshots (hit the enemy's head) you will get the highest score. If the arrow hits another part of the body, the score will be less and the opponent will die longer. This money will be used to buy boosters to help you win easier in later levels.

How To Play Stickman Archer 5?

Drag your finger/Press and hold the mouse to align the angle and force of the shot, then release to shoot the arrow.

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