About Stick Defenders

Stick Defenders is an action-packed combo game where your mission is to defend your base from waves of enemies by merging stickman units into more powerful units. In this strategy, you must build an ever-growing army by combining stickmen of the same number of levels together to create a stronger level. Kill enemies to earn money, use the money you earn to buy lots of stick people. Accumulate many stickmen into a large army that no enemy can reach your wall.

During the attack in the game Stick Defenders, you also need to have a clear battle strategy. Because the number of enemy troops is gradually increasing and they have a faster speed. In addition, you also have great support cards such as bombs, missiles to destroy opponents quickly, etc. But the support cards cannot be used continuously, needing time to recharge. So you should only use it when you really need it. Make sure to cast your skills on oncoming enemies as soon as their cooldown ends, so you don't get overwhelmed by them. How many increasingly difficult levels can you hold the fortress in Stick Defenders?

How To Play Stick Defenders?


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