About Shell Shockers

Shell Shockers is the world's most popular egg-based multiplayer first-person shooter io game! In the game Shell Shock, the player takes control of a violent egg armed with powerful weapons and enters the arena. Battle real players on multiplayer maps in private or public arenas.


In this Shell Shockers game, you have to work hard to protect yourself and damage the enemy eggs. Try out different game modes and see if you can conquer the Shell Shockers arena. There are 4 game modes that you can choose from: Teams, Free For All, Captula the Spatula, and King of the Coop. You can absolutely play alone or with your friends.


Score golden eggs as you kill your enemies, then use them to buy hundreds of weapons like gun skins, grenades, hats, decals, and other decorations.

How To Play Shell Shockers?

WASD keys to move
Left mouse to shoot
Spacebar to jump
Shift to aim
E to change weapons
R to reload
Q to launch a grenade
F to melee

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