About Run 3

Surely you are no stranger to this Run 3 game genre. Join the tunnel in this vast space. The tunnel is falling apart and don't let your character fall out of the tunnel! There's a whole new galaxy waiting for you to explore!

You can choose from two different modes of play:

In endless mode, you run for as long as possible. Your job is to try to keep your character from falling off the track. If your character runs into the broken tile area, you will be thrown into space and the game is over. you will have to start from scratch. In the early stages of the race, you can easily avoid gaps in the tunnel as you can spot them from a distance. However, the later, the speed of the game will be faster and it will be more difficult for you to move. This is a challenging game for you. You'll need some pretty solid reflexes to help your chubby friend jump over the bottomless abyss.
Alternatively, you can choose exploration mode to level up until you see all the Run 3 universe has to offer. As you make your way through challenging tracks, you might even find a new place to explore a different side of the campaign map. In this mode you can complete missions and unlock various favorite characters and maps!

How To Play Run 3?

Arrows to move
Space or Up arrow to jump
R to reset
P to pause the game
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