About Rocket Clash 3D

Rocket Clash 3D is an exciting third-person tactical, adrenaline-filled team shooter created by Andrew Panov. A very fun game with many levels, requiring you to have a lot of skills to coordinate well in the game. Beautiful three-dimensional graphics and incredible landscapes provide a full depth of immersion. Play for free now and compete with friends for an honorable place on the leaderboard!

You will play Rocket Clash 3D online with many other players around the world. Your mission is to lead the special forces resistance team against the enemy intelligence agents' attempts to establish control of the missile base. In this battle, you'll harness the power of a tactically stripped-down version of the famous AKS and the secret rocket weapon hidden deep in the levels. Watch out for dangerous liquids found around the map – this will damage you. Be alert and try to destroy your enemies in a fierce battle.

- Third-person shooter multiplayer game
- Set in an underground military base
- Beautiful 3D graphics and smooth action
- Upgradable characters
- Hidden rocket weapons to use
- Works on any device

How To Play Rocket Clash 3D?

WASD to move
C to crouch
Tab to open score table

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