About Poppy Playtime Survival

The horror game Poppy Playtime Survival since its inception has quickly become popular because of its detailed graphics and thrilling atmosphere. A spooky action game, bound to give users an unprecedented sense of challenge and excitement. Are you ready to survive the hours of play with Poppy? Unite your skills and defeat Huggy in this Monster Horror Playtime Game.


You are a former toy factory worker who delivered the largest number of dolls and cars that all boys and girls loved. But according to the news, one day all his colleagues disappeared and the factory was closed. You must step into this dangerous place to find out the secret that is being hidden. Find the key, open the door, use your elastic hand before Granny Poppy finds you. Explore the mysterious facility, which is a toy factory... and avoid getting caught up in horror poppy hours. Get ready for terrible trials!

How To Play Poppy Playtime Survival?

Use your Mouse


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