About Pixel Warfare

Pixel Warfare is an exciting online FPS battle with players from all over the world! It offers an exciting 3D shooting experience with classic Minecraft-inspired graphics and Modern Warfare-based gameplay. Participating in this gun battle, you will have the opportunity to become an elite soldier, and face the hostile armies determined to destroy you, which will be available. Get ready to go through an endless scenario full of enemies while you shoot to destroy them all fearlessly before it's too late for you.


Pixel Warfare is where you will be fighting pixels in a beautiful block map with funny gun pixelate. Win battles, face different strategic plans and different enemy tanks. Feel like a real tank commander! Eliminate all resistance and take down the enemy tank army! The Cube Armed Forces are under your control, so start a war! It's time to test your driving, shooting and survival skills! Customize your blocky tanks and other military equipment, join the battlefield and destroy your opponents!

How To Play Pixel Warfare?

Use the WASD or arrow keys to move around
R to reload
1-6 number keys to select your weapon
Press the tab to go to the menu

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