About Pixel Shooter

Pixel Shooter is a multiplayer battle with 2 modes. Easy character customization. If you are a fan of Rouge-Like games then you will definitely love this one! Experience the thrill of Pixel Shooter, an exciting game where you have to fight in a challenging setting filled with enemies and platforms. Navigate through a dynamic scenario rife with enemies and platforms, and prepare for a fierce battle like no other. With a range of exciting modes to choose from, each with their own set of challenges and goals, there's always a new thrill waiting around.


Pixel Shooter Gameplay: Choose your favorite character, install your favorite spin types. Choose a game mode and opponent that suits your ability level and use a diverse arsenal of weapons and grenades to defeat your enemies and become the last survivor. Your success depends on your ability to perfectly demonstrate your skills, employ clever strategies to outmaneuver your opponents and evade enemy fire. Advance in the game to accumulate income, which allows you to gain upgrades and power-ups for invaluable aid in combat. Prepare for an adrenaline filled adventure that will keep you hooked and unable to sit still.

How To Play Pixel Shooter?

A = move left
D = move right
W = jump
R = reload
Space = throw grenade
Left-click = shoot

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