About Ninja Clash Heroes

Ninja Clash Heroes is a place where you can freely express your passion for heroic battles. Take command of a team of professional heroes. This is one of the best 3D enemy shooter games. Be it a stealthy ninja scout, a fully armored samurai, a savvy Buddhist monk, or a dangerous sniper geisha, you'll find a character you like.

Ninja Clash Heroes is a free Action game developed by Freeway Interactive. The game has become extremely popular with its simple yet effective interface. The action takes place in a beautiful oriental garden, but you'll have little time to witness the beauty of your surroundings as enemies are thriving to steal the Fortune Cat your faction has sworn to take. protect.

Explore the historical map as a 21st-century ninja hero armed with powerful weapons. Move agilely through an endless 3d environment inspired by the Asian temple full of details, ramps, platforms, and hundreds of enemies to fight against and find a way to defeat them all. you're on the opposing team. Unlock deadly powers in your class and collect stars to unlock awesome weapons and boosters. Upgrade your character, earn medals, and enjoy Ninja Clash Heroes to the fullest!


- Fast-paced third-person shooter multiplayer game;
- 4 upgradable heroes to choose from Ninja, Geisha, Tank, Grenadier;
- Dozens of weapons to find in crates;
- Set in a beautiful Japanese garden;
- Cool 3D graphics.

How To Play Ninja Clash Heroes?

Arrow Keys / WASD - Move
Left mouse click - Shoot
Space - Jump
C - Crouch
L - Enter/Exit Lock Mode
G - Throw grenade

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