About MiniGiants.io

MiniGiants is an amazing IO action arena deathmatch game. The battle between the giants is fierce, the battles will be brutal in the online multiplayer game. The world of tiny warriors, mighty wizards, and giant beasts. Fight for free with hordes of opponents, never stop the match! Destroy enemies, and collect magic chests, gold, and powerful magical items to become the invincible king of the arena!

You can choose different levels. As you level up, your character will get bigger, and stronger, and earn more loot to strengthen yourself! For your character to grow up fast in MiniGiants, collect colorful pieces around the map to increase energy. Prove your skills and reach level 20 without being defeated to get the most powerful gear! Kill enemies to earn experience! Level up to become bigger and stronger! Collect treasure chests to find gold and powerful magical items. Equip to be the undefeated king of the Three Arenas!

When killing opponents, you will sometimes see them drop chests of different rarities. Each chest will be able to hold money or gold to upgrade your equipment. Items that you can buy such as armor, rings, and helmets, help increase your base stats and make you stronger.

How To Play MiniGiants.io?

Press the left mouse button to attack
Press the right mouse button to boost your speed

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