About Mini Royale: Nations

Mini Royale: Nations Game is one of the most popular shooting game genres. It's engaging, fast-paced, highly competitive, and incredibly fun. Mini Royale: Nations Game is a player-owned skill-based shooter with a variety of PvP and PvE game modes, with a deep emphasis on clan relationships, alliances, and social mechanics. Players compete in endless wars for control of the world's most famous islands in this fascinating game.


The Jungle, The Fortress, and The Beach are the three areas that make up these islands. Each zone has its own set of obstacles and prizes, allowing players to experience all three zones at once. Join 2-3 minute matches with 9 other players to score XP and level up, complete Missions, and earn Battle Pass Points to unlock Hero skins and Weapons. When you become the last survivor, you will receive a lot of attractive rewards. To win even more prizes, players can form groups and participate in larger waves. This brand-new 3D first-person shooter game is set in a world of beauty and conflict. The Mini Royale Nations game offers a fresh and exciting take on the popular battle royale genre and is a must-see for fans of the genre.

How To Play Mini Royale: Nations?

WASD = move
Mouse = aim
Left-click = shoot
Right-click = focus
Space = jump
All controls are configurable from the Settings menu

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