About LOLShot.io

LOLShot.io is a fun free online multiplayer first person shooter game. The game will take you to the position of an intergalactic space warrior that you have never experienced anywhere. You don't need to install or sign in to an account, it's all free and fast. Just enter your desired name and advance in this match. Enter a colorful battlefield, ramps, pedals and all kinds of weapons that you can pick up. Don't think too much, just shoot everything that moves, laugh like a madman and win the game.


Learn how to use LOLshot.io. Dash, fly and hunt down opponents in deathmatch mode with up to 16 players while mastering 8 exotic weapons. In total, you will have access to weapons that you can search. Murders are simply not enough to win; Instead, choose the most spectacular and innovative games to get extra points and finish the game with the highest score possible. In addition, the map features a teleporter, an accelerator, and a jump platform. You can use all of that to surprise your opponents. Perform aerial shots and other types of tricks to earn extra points. Have fun!

How To Play LOLShot.io?

WASD or arrow keys = move
Left-click = shoot
Space or right-click = jump
Mouse wheel or 1-8 = change weapons
Enter = chat
Esc = settings
Reload by picking up weapons

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