About lolbeans

Lolbean is a funny and exciting online multiplayer game based on the popular game Fall Guys. Play as a cute little jelly bean boy racing, pushing, shoving, and elbowing to win. This is a no-holds-barred obstacle course where only the toughest survive. You can be the outcast, the wiped out, or the Ninja Warrior in this epic game of marshmallow madness. This is all competition and the strongest will survive. Sharpen your elbows and join this peacock and name the master game.


How to win the game Lolbeans


Initially, you will have to wait for other players to enter the game before you can start the race. Each race will be randomly selected from a map. When the game starts, you have to find a way to run fast forward, trying to leave as many opponents behind as possible. There will be obstacles that make you fall on the way. But do not be discouraged, quickly get up and continue this non-stop race.


Try to finish first in the allotted time. This will give you more advantage in the next round. Note that, for each round of competition you will be limited in time. So speed up as quickly as possible. You can race with friends and family after tiring working hours. With fun gameplay and extremely cute 3D graphics, it will help you relieve stress as well as entertain you very well. I am sure you will love our game!

How To Play lolbeans?

WASD or arrow keys to move
Space bar to jump

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