About Kuzbass Horror

Kuzbass Horror is a famous game of the action horror genre that you can play online and for free on PC, mobile, and iPad browsers. The thrilling game takes you on a macabre journey through the abandoned coal mines of Kuzbass, Russia. In this game, you will face unimaginable horrors as you explore the depths of mines, uncover dark secrets, and face terrifying creatures.


In this Kuzbass Horror game you find yourself in an abandoned village where something terribly bad happened. Our hero has come to a cursed village in the house of witches. The villagers have disappeared, leaving behind a trail of disturbing clues. As you explore the area, you'll soon discover that a fearsome witch is behind the chaos. She is haunting the village, seeking to consume the soul of anyone who ventures too close. Now his life is in danger and you in the game Kuzbass will have to help him get out of the village and survive. The hero must be in your hand as you navigate the scene in search of various objects. Your character's use of these items will allow them to disarm some magical traps. Also, avoid the witch trying to find our hero. If you encounter witches, stay away from them. Take part in different scary scenes to start an escape journey.

How To Play Kuzbass Horror?

WASD or arrow keys = move
E = pick-up item or use mechanism
C = crouch (stealth mode)
I = open/close inventory
Mouse wheel = select item in the inventory
Tab = pause

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