About Krunker

Are you ready for a real challenge? Don't miss the dramatic shooting arena in Krunker. Destroy all the heavyweights and build a world ruled by yourself. In this game, You can immerse yourself in a pixelated scene to fight against other players from all over the world. This game is reminiscent of FPS games where your reflexes and aiming skills are your most important weapons.

Krunker is a fast-paced pixel first-person shooter game. In the game, you have to fight with up to twenty players to win. The objective of this shooting game is to gain points through killing other players.

You can completely choose weapons from a large arsenal including automatic rifles, pistols, sniper rifles, and more. During the battle, You can also see your score and health displayed.

Move quickly to avoid fire and aim accurately to take down enemies. You can join the combat right away or choose custom game modes in the server menu. Choose from 11 different levels such as detective, stoner, agent, runner, archer and hunter. Each level has a different style and outfit.

Finally, players can track their scores in the social section, which includes leaderboards and other stats. You can play this game comfortably for fun or in serious combat with the fans of this Krunker game. Join this free and fun game on our Vampire Survivors website. Have fun!

How To Play Krunker?

Use the WASD keys to move
Left click to shoot
R to reload
C to aim / zoom
Space bar to jump
Shift to crouch
F to spray paint

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