About Krampus

Krampus is an extremely realistic horror game in which you will have to do your best to survive Christmas Eve before the attack of a dangerous creature called Krampus. Legend has it that Krampus is the one who scares children who misbehave. If the good kids are visited by Santa at Christmas, the bad kids are visited by Krampus! He is furry, usually brown or black, and has the hooves and horns of a goat. Its long, pointed tongue sticks out, and it has fangs. He smashed the chains for dramatic effect. He appeared ferocious to punish spoiled children. It is said that Krampus takes naughty children in his sack and brings them down to the depths of hell to be devoured.

In this version of the Krampus game, you play as Jimy, a teenager who doesn't know how to behave this year. And the thrilling and suspenseful challenge will come to you. A horror adventure game with lots of puzzles, face your fears, and melt Krampus! You find yourself trapped in a dark and sinister house where you must survive to escape at all costs before bloodthirsty enemies find you and take you with them. Stay awake to look for the exit, Can you beat him?

How To Play Krampus?

WASD or arrow keys = move
Left mouse button = interact / pick-up item
Right mouse button = drop item
C = crouch
Shift = sprint
Esc = pause

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