About Kirka

Kirka io is an online FPS game with a voxelated art style. React quickly in this strategic war game, conquer nations and win epic clashes! Be brave to participate in this fierce battle! Lots going on in Kirka.io to inspire your loyalty to the game.

Choose to equip weapons and characters in your inventory. Buy chests to add unique weapons and outfits to your inventory. Use gold to buy chests and add more unique weapons and skins to your inventory. High scorers will appear on the leaderboard and be rewarded with surprise reward chests.


The game has four modes for players to explore:


Point: In this game mode, players are divided into teams of four and must collect points from the green flag. The team with the highest total score, i.e. the total score of each team member, wins. Fight hard for the whole team to win together.


Solo: In this mode, players compete directly against each other. The three players with the most points at the end of the round are declared the winners.


Team: Players are divided into teams of four and must eliminate all players on the opposing team. The team with the most points, whose members can kill the most opponents, wins. Lead your army to victory in the epic fighting game Kirka io.


Parkour: Parkour is a single player game mode where the goal is to navigate the map and get to the flag as quickly as possible.

How To Play Kirka?

WASD = move
Space = jump
P / Esc = open the Change Weapon menu
Left-click = shoot
Right-click = aim
Shift = crouch
E = dash
1, 2, 3 = switch weapons

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