About Impostor vs Noob

Impostor vs Noob is a fun horizontal shooting and aiming game where you have to kill all the noobs. An exciting adventure in the cube world where exciting levels, fun gameplay and characters are waiting for you. In this game, you will play as a traitor, defeat all enemies to pass a level and proceed to the next level.


Noob can hide anywhere and they always find a way to attack you. For your win in this game, Shoot your pistol with the best possible aim to let the bullets hit your enemies or bounce off the wall to do bouncing shots. You can shoot at the dynamite to blow them all up. You may even have to shoot at the wall to get the bullets bouncing all over the place until hitting someone. It is important that all targets are eliminated. In some levels you will have to shoot at the switch to open the door. The less ammo you use and still complete the levels, the more you show your marksmanship. Open up more difficult levels behind, Overcome the challenge and become a super impostor!

How To Play Impostor vs Noob?

Aim carefully and shoot all the Noobs you see

Use dynamite to get multiple Noobs eliminated at once

Remember that you only have limit bullets

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