About Haunted School

Haunted School takes the player to a horror survival game in which you search a school for the tools needed to ward off a demon-possessed child. Early in the game, you will find a shotgun. You can use this to shoot the girl away before she kills you, but it will only get you rid of her temporarily. The haunted school becomes scarier and scarier and uses scares and tension to keep you on your toes.


Haunted School game content

After a long time of being bullied, a student at a Catholic school hanged himself in the bathroom. Immediately after her death, mystical legends about the girl began to spread. Some students at the school had the idea, perhaps as a joke, of performing a ritual to summon the girl's ghost. But they don't know that the ritual found on the internet will actually summon a vengeful spirit. The church sent a priest to explore the place and perhaps try to banish the girl's vengeful spirit. But the priest was found dead in the bathroom with the same rope wound around his neck. Only his belongings remained at the school. Your goal is to enter the school, find the belongings left by the priest, and exorcise the girl.


Player Mission

Roam the corridors of this ravaged school in search of answers. Solve puzzles and find the priest's tool so you can banish the female demon before it's too late. Don't let a little fear stop you from moving forward and pay attention to any suspicious movements you feel around you if you want to stay alive. Good luck...

How To Play Haunted School?

WASD or arrow keys = movement
E = pick-up item
R = reload
C = crouch
Left-click = sprint
LMB = shoot
G = drop item
1 / 2 = change slot
ESC = pause

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