About friday night funkin

Friday Night Funkin is a unique and engaging music and rhythm game. This game has attracted great attention from the worldwide gaming community.

In Friday Night Funkin, players will take on the role of Boyfriend, a young man trying to win Girlfriend's heart by participating in dance and rap competitions. Players will have to follow the beat and press the corresponding keys correctly to perform dance and rap movements. The game has many different levels, each with a special opponent to face.

Friday Night Funkin has a unique art style, with colorful images and vibrant dance moves. The music in the game is the main highlight, with rap tracks and upbeat beats, making for an enjoyable musical experience.

This game not only requires players to have rhythm and concentration, but also offers a funny and engaging storyline. It has created a large fan community and become a phenomenon on game platforms.

Friday Night Funkin is an interesting and popular game, suitable for those who love music, rhythm and want to challenge themselves in performing dance and rap moves.

How To Play friday night funkin?

WASD or arrow keys or change to DFJK in options to play.
+ and – to increase/decrease the volume.
0 to mute.
Enter to select.
ESC to go back.

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