About FNaF Shooter

FNaF Shooter is a first-person shooter (FPS) game where you accidentally stay overnight at the mall. When the lights go out, the characters in the fun animatronics will become enraged and attack you, surviving the night with your weapons. In this horror game, you have to survive completely alone inside a creepy game center full of friendly-looking robot animals that will try to kill you.


You are being chased by evil dolls, so try to avoid being killed by them by keeping your health bar full. These Animatronics are fearsome and tenacious in hunting humans. Even if you destroy their limbs or legs, they will continue to torment you. They turned off the lights and started hunting for the rest of the tourists. The only way to destroy them is to tear them apart.


In the game FNaF Shooter, With your guard character you will have to complete many levels, all of which take place around Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. You won't simply survive, evading around like a coward, but blast those stupid robot bastards to pieces. With each new level gives you more animations to shoot down to complete them so when all the targets have been eliminated you win and advance. The red circles on the map show where the enemies are, so go there, shoot them down then retreat to safety, ready for the next challenge. Good luck and all the best, we wish you all, you will need it!

How To Play FNaF Shooter?

Mouse = look around
WASD = movement
W + Shift = run
Space = jump
Left mouse button = shoot
Right mouse button (hold) = aim
Mouse wheel = next / previous weapon
1-7 = weapon hotkeys
R = reload
G = throw a grenade

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