About Fields of Fury

Become an elite soldier in the second world war and enjoy the unbelievably stunning graphics and amazing gameplay in the Fields of Fury game. Grab your weapon and get ready to plunge into an uphill battle for survival. Step into the shoes of an elite soldier in the midst of the Second World War and enjoy the extreme graphics while feeling the excitement in your skin all the time.


Fields of Fury is a free online FPS game featuring a WW2 themed battlefield loot. Choose a class and fight to capture the enemy's flag while defending yours. The goal in Fields of Fury is to get more enemy flags to your base than your opponent to win. Take up arms and defend yourself against other players from around the world. While playing Fields of Fury, you will be able to unlock more weapons. There are many types of weapons available, so you will definitely have a lot to choose from. In addition, health packages are also very useful for you. Have a good time playing this game!

How To Play Fields of Fury?

WASD = move
Space = jump
Left-click = shoot
Right-click = use aim down sight
1-4 = change weapons
Tab = scoreboard
Enter = chat

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