About Ev.io

Ev.io is a futuristic Halo-style first-person shooter in the browser. Experience the “Aura of web3” with PvP, PvE, 10+ maps, 20+ weapons, 5 game modes, private game, party, and earn Solana for every kill. There are many sci-fi inspired maps in Ev.io. Players can use futuristic architecture tactically to their advantage. Jump, sprint and teleport to move around the map as fast as you can. Let other players feel the impact of your weapon!


In ev.io, you choose your primary weapon to start with: a cannon, an automatic rifle, or a laser rifle. Each different primary weapon falls into a different archetype. There are two game modes in this game:

Deathmatch: Face 8 players on the map and try to eliminate as many opponents as possible. The player with the most lives at the end of the game wins.
Team deathmatch: The objective is the same as a deathmatch but the eliminations of each team member are cumulative and the team with the highest score at the end of the time limit wins the game.

How To Play Ev.io?

WASD = Move.

Space = Jump.

Shift = Run.

Left-click = Shoot.

Right-click = Aim.

Q = Use abilities.

G = Throw grenades.

1-4 = Switch weapons.

M = open menu.

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