About Drunken Duel

Join us in the ultimate online shooting game called Drunken Duel. Embark on a wild and unpredictable shooting experience where physics, alcohol and your shooting skills combine to create unique and addictive gameplay. Participate in fun duels with players from around the world, where no hit is guaranteed, thanks to the drunken factor.


Gameplay: In Drunken Duel you will find yourself in a room with your character and his opponent. Both are fully armed. When the signal is given, the action begins. Your job is to seize the opportunity, aim and shoot at your opponents. If your aim is accurate, your bullet will hit the target, killing your opponent and earning you points. Get ready to stumble, sway, and struggle to maintain your aim as you navigate the intoxicating world of Drunken Duel.

How To Play Drunken Duel?

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