About Dr. Psycho - Hospital Escape

Dr. Psycho - Hospital Escape is an engaging and challenging game where you will play as a mental patient incarcerated in a strange mental hospital. Over the next few nights, you will have to go out of the hospital, gathering the necessary supplies and tools so as not to be caught by the doctor and his patients. You will have to find a way out of this hospital by solving puzzles, collecting objects and looking for hints to progress further in the game.

The special thing about Dr. Psycho - Hospital Escape is not only requires you to have intelligence and ingenuity in solving puzzles, but also requires sharp eyes and acumen in finding hidden objects and secret passages. You will have to explore the different rooms, corridors and areas of the hospital, facing the dangers that are always lurking around.

How To Play Dr. Psycho - Hospital Escape?

WASD / arrow keys = move
1-5 = equip an item
E = action
C = crouch
G = drop an item
Space = exit from the hiding place
Shift = run
Tab = pause the game
Move mouse = change direction

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