About Death Attraction: Horror Game

Death Attraction is a horror game that puts you in the shoes of someone trapped in a haunted house belonging to a creepy clown. The game was created by a developer, inspired by the movie "IT", "The Spell" and the beautiful game "Death Park" : The last thing I remember was playing outside in the rain, playing with a sheet of paper. boat paper.


Death Attraction game content : A madman dressed as a clown has kidnapped a guy named Tom and imprisoned him in an ancient haunted mansion full of ghosts. The player's goal is to help the hostage escape from this scary place while surviving the trap, the clown's henchmen, and himself. To achieve this and move from room to room, and ultimately achieve freedom, you need to move, find keys and other items that can help you. Explore the puzzle-solving facility and collect clues to help you out of this chilling situation. Try to do it discreetly so as not to catch the eyes of ghosts and clowns. Death Attraction will make you restless as you try to escape the house and avoid becoming the next victim of the clown.

How To Play Death Attraction: Horror Game?

WASD or arrow keys - movement
E - action
F - close the item panel
C - crouch
Space - skip cutscenes
G - exit to menu

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