About Clash of Skulls

Clash of Skulls is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) style game with a unique twist - instead of controlling human characters, you command skeletal warrior units on the battlefield.

Players assemble teams of skulls with differing abilities like melee fighters, ranged attackers, support skulls, tanks, etc. and battle other skull armies online in 5v5 matches.

Matches take place on fantastical arena maps with lanes, turrets, bases to destroy. The overall goal is to work as a team to wipe out the enemy base before they destroy yours.

As skulls fall in battle, players earn gold resources to purchase upgrades, new skull types, and bones (mana) to use special skills. Strong strategic item/skill builds are key.

Different skull tribes have their own strengths and playstyles, like undead, demons, insects and more. Players customize their armies' aesthetic and tactics.

Fast-paced action involves racking up kills, taking objectives, ambushing enemies, and turning the tide of close team fights through clutch plays.

Clash of Skulls brings the competitive spirit of MOBAs but with a visually striking bone-crunching skeleton theme that sets it apart from typical humans-only titles in the genre. Coop teamwork, skill expression and tactical planning provide plenty of replayability.

How To Play Clash of Skulls?

Use the left mouse button to deploy the skull army.

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