About Choo Choo Charles Revenge

Choo Choo Charles Revenge will take you on a new 3D action adventure with exciting horror elements. The time of terror has come with this incredible survival, shooting, horror game! Your adventure begins with an explosion when you board a train with a gun and are immediately attacked by an evil wagon with spider legs. The player's task is to go around the island, destroying the devotees of the spider train. Try to find the three gates to close them so that evil creatures can't come to the island anymore. Shoot all your enemies, move and run around the map so they don't catch you. To upgrade your train, you need to complete quests for characters scattered across the island. Also, while walking through the dense and foggy forest, you will occasionally see loot on the side of the track. These resources will help you upgrade your weapons and durability even further, but they can be dangerous to get back.

How To Play Choo Choo Charles Revenge?

Move with the keyboard arrows or the WASD keys
Jump with Spacebar
Crouch with the CTRL key
Run with Shift
Shoot with the right click and move the camera with the mouse

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