Engage in fun-filled combat in the 2D BUILD ROYALE shooting game. This is where you have to build and loot to upgrade your weapons to defeat all your enemies. Build Royale.io tops the category App Actions list on Google Playstore. It has got really good reviews and comments. Now you can play this game completely for free without having to download it on our Vampire Survivors website.


You are in the big gunfight with other players in a huge gunfight. The only goal is to become the last survivor and the strongest in this virtual world.


To win this game you need to think fast and keep moving, there is a storm hitting the play area that is continuously decreasing in size. The pickaxe is the first tool you will use to mine materials. It's these that can then be used to build protective walls while you're fighting. From there, earn a lot of bonus points to gradually upgrade to more powerful weapons. You also have to look for better weapons to protect yourself in the BUILD ROYALE world. Have fun!


E/F - Interact with ground items and chests
Left move - Shoot your weapon
Right move - Scope to see enemies from further
Q - Toggle build mode to build walls
Space - Jump over walls and other obstacles
Shift - Sprint
R - Reload your weapon
Tab - View and manage your inventory

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