About Bloxd.io

Bloxd.io is an online game with Minecraft graphics and various game modes. Spin, run and jump through vast themed worlds. Explore the world and build a territory in your own style. Explore the massive 3D universe and let your imagination run wild, test your agility and skill against other players or challenge your opponents in third-person shooter mode.

Your task is to observe your surroundings and move around cautiously, building all kinds of platforms from which you can jump from side to side of the stage while leaving countless opponents behind - there can only be one winner! Earn gold from your achievements and use it to buy power-ups in the shop. Use that gold to buy upgrades like speed boost, double jump or jump boost, which will allow you to reach much faster.


Bloxd.io game modes include Survival, Peaceful, Creative, Bed Wars, Greenville, EvilTower, BloxdHop, CubeWarfare, OneBlock, Words For each game mode, players will have different tasks. Depends on the mode you choose to play. Each level has a time limit after which the game is over, so you need to be quick!

How To Play Bloxd.io?




WASD to move

Shift or double-tap W to run

C, Z, \, or Caps Lock to crouch

T or Enter to chat

B to open shop

/ to start command


DoodleCube Controls


Place blocks: right mouse button

Destroy placed blocks: left mouse button

Switch blocks: number keys or mouse middle button

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