About BattleDudes.io

If you like multiplayer shooting games, don't miss BattleDudes.io. Belonging to the Battle Royale Game genre, BattleDudes.io will take you into a very fun battle with many levels, requiring you to have many skills to coordinate well in the game. Get ready to go on an action-packed adventure in Battle Dudes .io. The game has many separate maps and many game modes such as capture the flag, team battle, gun game and more for you to choose from. Show off all the skills, strategies, and teamwork that will determine your success. Prepare for battle, unlock powerful weapons and chart your way to victory in this thrilling multiplayer shooter with your friends and loved ones!


With Battledudes.io, your mission is to get the highest score or be the last player in this game. Along with hand-held weapons and masterfully combined with jeeps and tanks that you can use to move quickly across the map and destroy all opponents. Navigate expansive maps with speed and firepower using vehicles like jeeps and tanks. Take control of a heavily armored tank with powerful turrets, launch explosive missiles at your enemies. But be careful, tanks have a longer reload time. Everyone starts out equal in Battledudes.io. However, as you level up, there are perks and unlockable weapons that give you the edge on the battlefield. This allows you to make a variety of weapon and skill combinations for your own unique playstyle!

How To Play BattleDudes.io?

WASD to move
Left mouse button to shoot
R to reload
E to enter vehicles
Mouse scroll or 1-4 number keys to switch weapons
M or Tab to enlarge the map
You can customize the controls in the Settings

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