About Assault Bots

Assault Bots - Customize your robot vehicle and compete against other players in this third-person online robot shooter. Assault Bots (formerly Bot Machines) is an excellent real-time multiplayer vehicle combat game produced by Blayze Games. The game has been renamed Assault Bots as of December 2020.


One of the aspects of Assault Bots that keeps gameplay fresh is the ability to switch your arsenal. You can rank up your bot to unlock more powerful and unique add-ons and perks, and you can unlock different weapons to use in combat. Choose the best wheels, the most powerful weapons, and even the most powerful helicopter propellers. Which team would you like to be a part of? Use all kinds of machine guns, laser beams, explosives, and any other weapon you can think of to save your life.

How To Play Assault Bots?

WASD or arrow keys = move
Left-click = aim and shoot
Right-click = Zoom
1 and 2 = switch weapons
Space = hand brake
Shift = turbo
E = jump
R = reload
T = chat
Tab = view scoreboard
Esc = pause

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