About Antarctica 88

Antarctica 88 - Are you ready to face and escape from the terrifying monsters that Antarctica is hiding? Antarctica 88: Scary Action Adventure Horror Game is another successful product of Euphoria Horror Games – a game maker with horror fiction products. The game takes you into the fantasy world with scary monsters, and this is where you show your survival ability. Enjoy endless entertainment and try to conquer the challenges that the game offers. This is a first-person horror game that takes you to Antarctica, throwing you on a terrifying sci-fi adventure.


Entering the game, the cold scenery will immediately attract you. But you will not expect that there will be monsters with monstrous shapes waiting to eat you alive. Set in Antarctica, an expedition goes missing here. Sell will come here alone in search of unsolved mysteries, but the challenges ahead are truly terrifying. Are you ready to conquer? Be prepared to scream and solve puzzles to rescue people. Can you open all the endings and find out the whole story? Are you ready for this terrible sci-fi story full of monsters, weapons and adventures?

How To Play Antarctica 88?

WASD or arrow keys = move
C = crouch
Space = jump
F = use
H = hint
X = aidkit
Q = previous weapon
E = next weapon
LMB = fire
RMB = aim
R = reload weapon
Backspace = hide weapon
I = add ammo
P = pause

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