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Kill thousands of hellish creatures to survive in the Vampire Survivors RPG. This is an empty hell, the devil is here, and there is nowhere to run. Survive as long as possible until death inevitably ends your struggle. The challenge in Vampire Survivors' gameplay is finding the best combination of weapons and upgrades that will allow you to survive the attacks. Collect gold coins to upgrade the power for the next play.


The birth of the game Vampire Survivors.


The Vampire Survivors game is inspired by Magic Survival, a mobile game that also includes a character that automatically attacks enemies. This game was started by developer Luca " poncle" Galante in 2020 when he was unemployed. Before developing Vampire Survivors, Galante was a gambling industry developer and used his knowledge of how to use flashy graphics for slot machines as part of the appeal. for the Vampire Survivors chest opening animation.


Galante explained that a major milestone expected in mid-2022 will be to convert Vampire Survivors into an "industry-standard" game engine to improve its overall performance. After an early access period from December 17, 2021, it will be released for macOS and Windows on October 20, 2022, and for Android and iOS devices on December 8, 2022.Sự phát triển nhanh chóng của trò chơi Vampire Survivors.


Although Vampire Survivors was initially unknown upon release, by the end of January 2022 it had become a hit and reached over 30,000 concurrent players on Steam. This number continued to grow, with the game hitting more than 70,000 concurrent players the following month.


Vampire Survivors received "generally favorable" reviews for Windows according to review aggregator Metacritic, the Xbox Series X/S version receiving "global acclaim".

The game has won many major awards since its inception such as: Golden Joystick Awards (2022) D.I.C.E. Awards (2023). Vampire Survivors Currently Has 33 Thousand Ranks With Average Rated Value Of 4.7.


Game content.


Vampire Survivors is a gothic horror casual game with roguelite and roguelike elements. Your choices can allow you to snowball quickly against hundreds of monsters rushing at you. Vampire Survivors is nominally set in the Italian countryside in the year 2021. Monsters summoned by the evil Bisconte Draculó ravage the land, and the Belpaese family and other surviving heroes find it on their own and defeat Draculó. To complete this mission, they will have to travel through dangerous lands. Those are monster-infested locations like the cursed forest, the haunted library, the abandoned milk factory, the ominous tower, and the otherworldly chapel.



How To Play Vampire Survivors?

Style play.


In the game Vampire Survivors, the user has a large sword, a well-aimed bow, and even powerful battle magic. Those weapons will allow you to destroy your opponents with spells. Players choose one of many characters with different weapons and starting bonuses, and control them on an endless stage with auto-generated, repeating layouts. Waves of undead legions are around, do you think it will be easy? The challenge is what makes this one of the best survival games. It's time to enjoy an exciting survival adventure.


Arcade games using simple graphics will not spoil the positive impression of enjoyable gameplay. Convenient controls that do not require long development. Fight hordes of enemies, slay monsters and zombies, and finish the roguelike RPG as a lone survivor! There is no way to defeat the enemy without a great collection of weapons. This roguelike game has it all. You can easily choose equipment such as the Cross, the garlic bulb, the king's bible, or the magic wand in the process of destroying the enemy.


Upgrade your skills and become a warrior with limitless potential. Make the most of this hero's survivability - mercilessly fight the evil and dangerous creatures of hell!


Tips for winning the battle of Vampire Survivors:


  • Gems and items will appear, you should collect them all. Use it to upgrade your own power and weapons.
  • Get two or three offensive weapons at first. Do not stop upgrading these weapons if you want to destroy many hell creatures to survive.
  • Armor and Luck are the rewards you definitely want to have. Use it to survive long and go faster in this dangerous area.
  • Explore different stages and learn how to kill enemies anywhere: a library, a milk factory, or an old Capella.
  • Choose your favorite character and start the best adventure roguelike game of your life completely free on this Vampire Survivors website.
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